The Boiling Point Drag Club
Our Mission
  1. A fraternal society of brother and sister hood with a goal to be seen within the community as a no-drama ‘family’ that has only a positive impact on our society.
  2. To represent and promote the LGBTQP Illusion community and lifestyle with dignity and respect while retaining the High Quality standards of entertainment.
  3. To establish an organization which shall reflect a cross section of the LGBTQP community, and which will be free from all discrimination against race, religion, sexuality, or lifestyle.
  4. To increase and create understanding between the members of the Drag community and improve the quality of entertainment nationwide.
  5. To provide a social and supportive environment for members of the Drag community and people with related interests.
  6. To provide a place where individuals can meet, talk, exchange ideas, and socialize without social or political pressures.
  7. To support community-based, as well as non-LGBT, charitable organizations through volunteering and fund-raising efforts.
  8. To promote social activity, learning and teaching the craft, promoting, and ‘brotherly love’ among its members and other gay/lesbian organizations while supporting charitable organizations within the LGBTQP community and the human race as a whole.
  9. To promote and insure that all of our members have a right to think and act as individuals without fear of discrimination because of sexual orientation, gender, age, race, religious, or political beliefs.
 Upcoming Boiling Point Drag Club Events:

August 26, 2012 - The Masque - Dayton, OH - K.F.A.C.
August 24, 2012 - AJ's Bar & Grill - Jacksonville, FL - K.F.A.C