Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drag King?

A Drag King is a female, who dresses in masculine attire and personifies the male gender, as a performance art. They bind breasts, pack a fake penis, wear facial hair, wear mens clothes, and perform to male songs. 

What is a Male Illusionist?

An MI is a Drag King that takes the Art one step further. An Illusionist typically works to create an entire illusion for their audience members. They wear make up, contour, use realistic concealment binding, pack realistically, change their facial hair, wear costuming, and are painfully impassioned in the art of 'Kinging'. They LOOK like men on the stage and sometimes have to convince people that they are women. 

Do you wear a Breast Plate or did you have "them" removed?

I used duct tape to stretch and flatten my breast tissue. Then I use a lot of make up to contour, or"paint" to create the illusion, of a Male Chest. I had not had a mastectomy until 2013. 


How do I find out more about the Master Male Illusionist Title? 

Easy! You can visit our website!  :)

What do you look like out of "Drag"?