Different magazines, newspapers, and websites that Gage has been printed in over the years, starting in 2004. By 2006 Gage had already been dubbed Master Illusionist and branded as the "Leading Man" in the Art of Male Illusion. Here are a few articles that have remained in safe keeping.  


In Print



Charlotte Observer Sept 2005


Volume: 102 
Number: 16

Northern Iowan

The Student Newspaper for the University of Northern Iowa


National pageant open to all lifestyles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – At this Hickory, N.C. watering hole, the bearded singer belting out Lonestar’s “Amazed” before an adoring crowd wore jeans, a Western-style shirt, a black cowboy hat and a sash.

Which explains why the crowd shouted, “You go, girl!” The singer, as it turned out, was the reigning “Mr. Gay USA For Male Impersonators,” kicking off this year’s national pageant – for “drag kings.”

For women who perform as men in a world where “she” is called “he,” the title is as big as it gets on a competitive level.

The September finals at Hickory’s Club Cabaret drew 17 kings from across the country, mostly from small towns in the South and Midwest. The contest is in its fifth year, said club owner Jeff Reeves, who owns the rights to the title and decided to bring it to his hometown.

Participants were judged on formal wear, talent and personal interviews, and even had platforms – more along the lines of “To make people realize it’s fabulous to be a king” than “World peace.”

The official prize is $500 and a year’s reign, but there’s great camaraderie among contestants and something deeper and personal at stake.

“When I’m up there in drag, I feel like a completely different person, like I’m invincible,” said Dylan Gauge, 19, from Ohio and in his third show.

The, uh, mechanics are often the main reason it’s not easy being king. To create facial hair, kings meticulously apply clippings of their own hair with spirit gum. And then there’s “binding down,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

The secret? “Saran wrap and duct tape, baby!” Gauge said.

Most performers lip-sync, and musical numbers included dance classics, show tunes and category-defying extravaganzas.

Totally un-ironic country, though, was most popular, and the early round featured four Tim McGraws. One of them, Gage Gatlyn, 28, of Jacksonville, Fla., sang what had to be two octaves below normal and, with a chest-baring, sparkle-trimmed button-down, clearly needed no Saran wrap or duct tape.

Gatlyn wowed the crowd, and the judges: two days later, he was overwhelmingly crowned the winner, promising to take male impersonation to a new level.


Watermark - Florida's Distinctive Gay & Lesbian Publication

Issue Runs Through 12-19

Sep 22nd, 2005
Oct 5th, 2005

by Staff reports published in issue #1219


Take a good look at GAGE GATLYN below -- he’s your new MR. GAY USA -- FMI 2006. After a reportedly stressful and fun-filled Labor Day Weekend, the Jacksonville native beat out 17 other candidates from nine other states for the sash in competitions in Hickory, N.C.

We understand the Mr. Gay USA part, but what’s the FMI? For male impersonators. It makes sense that this contest has been revived for the last three years after a decade-long dormancy. Drag king shows have become increasingly popular locally, and this contest is proof of that.

CORD LONG of Michigan serves as the first runner-up, with CHASE THOMPSON of Oklahoma taking the second runner-up prize.

If you want to see Gatlyn in action, he’ll visit Sarasota’s Club Tri-Angles on Thursday, Oct. 6, and the Waterside Landing in Port Richey on Saturday, Oct. 29. For details about the contest or Gatlyn himself, visit


Correction::: ****Devin Dame served as 2nd Runner Up. Chase Thompson turned over the crown... 







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