About "The Man" Gage Gatlyn

Gage Gatlyn, Master Illusionist

"Why reach for the moon, when you can touch the stars?"
Gage Gatlyn 

Gage Gatlyn is the Nation's Leading Male Illusionist (Drag King) and has been the Country's favorite "Tim McGraw" Impersonator for about 10 years. 


Gage Gatlyn is a female. Opposite a Drag Queen, Gage was genetically born a female and "Uses the art of theatrical make up, binding, packing, and costuming to 'create an illusion you will not believe nor ever forget, Male Illusion.'" gg 


Gage Gatlyn opened doors for Male Illusionists/Drag Kings across the country by giving his all, looking his best, performing to the best of his ability, pushing himself to always improve & step up to the next level, and always encouraging other Kings to do the same.


Awarded the Following Titles:


  • 'Viewer's Choice' National EOY, FMI 2006
  • Mister Gay United States, MI 2012
  • Mr. Gay USA, FMI 2006
  • Mister VA Commonwealth, MI 2012
  • Mister Sunshine State, 2005 
  • Mr. Southern Tier, NY 2006 
  • Mr. North Carolina, FMI 2006 
  • Mister First Coast Pride, FL, 2005 
  • Mr. Clarksville Pride, TN 2005 
  • Mr. American Idol, FL 2005  

In his career has received honors of:

    • Viewer's Choice National Entertainer Of the Year, FMI 2005/06

    • Featured in the book "100 Most Influential Gay Entertainers" Jenettha Baines 

    • West Virginia Entertainer of the Year 2012, Terry Awards
                He was voted best Drag King of 2005 by Jacksonville, FL.

    • The 2005 'Angles Award' (Given only every 2 years) for "Best Performance By a Drag King -    "Live      Like You Were Dying", Illusion of Tim McGraw.

    • Nominated 2x for the 'Danee Russo-Out of State' Performer Awards of Detroit.

    Gage was/is the owner, director, promoter, and/or coordinator for
    Other Accomplishments
    • Master Male Illusionist - Int'l MI Contest -Founder
    • Male Illusionists eXchange (The MIX) -Founder
    • MIX: "MI of the Year Award" - Creator
    • Male Illusion "Master" Seminar - Founder/Instructor
    • 100° Celsius: The Boiling Point - Drag Show - Founder *2005
    • Mister & Miss Boiling Point - Founder *2005
    • Mister & Miss Sunshine State -Owner- 2005-2008
    • The J’Ville Kings – Founder - 2004
    • Mister USofA, MI - First Face & National Promoter - 2007-2008
    • Founder of the Drag King "Hotline" - 2009
    • Creator of the Mister and Mr. USofA Logos

    He was featured in many publications, 'gay' & 'straight', across the US, as the celebrity of the month in several of them. He's been on the front page of a Clarksville, Tennessee Newspaper, the front page of Style in the Charlotte Observer, on TV a few times, and in a feature film. 

    He captured 8 Titles in one year, he is the most 'booked' drag king in history, and was responsible for the growth of Drag Kings and Male Illusion by hundreds, in only the first 5 years... If Gage Gatlyn had never hit the stage back in '03, Male Illusion would not be where it is today, and several systems across the country would have never evolved into what they have, or had, become, at least not as quickly as it did... 

    Gage is also known in the Male Illusion world, for:

    • "Raising the Bar" by exposing a new kind of 'kinging' and encouraging more realistic use of facial hair, realistic concealment of binding, packing, chest contouring with make-up, and overall pride in visual performance.
    • Starting and Encouraging the pageant systems to to use 'Mister' and/or MI for Titles, as opposed to Mr., which has always been used for 'biological men'.
    • Starting and Encouraging the widespread use of the term Male Illusionist / MI.
    • Raising thousands of dollars for numerous charities and organizations around the Country.
    • Introducing and encouraging creative, and cost efficient, costuming within the 'drag king' community.
    • Introducing equality on the main stages of venues across the country by being the first 'Drag King' booked, or the first in a decade or more, in over 100 venues across the country. 
    • Introducing equality in the drag world by requesting booking fees equal to our counterparts (Queens) and encouraging others to do the same.